Whales and Bovines Genetically Related?!?! Inconceivable!

I’m not sure whether this picture is genuine, but I think it could settle forever the entire whale/cow common descent debate.


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  1. The picture is obviously authentic, but it doesn’t prove anything other than the enormous genius of the Intelligent Designer, who made the cow to be far more skilled than any scientist ever dreamed. (Gary Larson, on the other hand, was presciently aware of the superior bioengineering of bovines.)

  2. No, I agree with sfmatheson. If you study the shadows on the surface of the waters, they leave little doubt that this is a genuine photograph. Amazing!

  3. Dan Werner

    Can’t be authentic. A truly authentic picture would show the dolphin grazing with the cow, since sea mammals came later 😉

  4. There’s debate about whale/cow common ancestry? Gosh, the whale skeleton was one of the most compelling evidences for evolution for me.

    I think this shot is from a recent family reunion. The next year the cattle agreed to host it on a farm. No doubt you’ve seen the picture of the cow and the dolphin side-by-side, with the confused farmer trying to figure out which to milk first…

  5. Milking whales. Now there’s an interesting idea. Just make sure you try to milk a FEMALE whale. Otherwise, this can happen …


  6. Curse you. It should be a capital offense to bring such images into someone’s unsuspecting mind.

    Of course, I did click the link.

    I think I’m going to be sick.

  7. Came by on a link from Quintessence of Dust. Y’know, this would make a great poster!

  8. Welcome, CMinor!

    I’m not sure who created the dolphin/cow pic, or whether it’s already copyrighted. It would be interesting to research where this photo came from and, possibly, purchase the rights to it and make humorous evolution posters.

    Would the “whale-milking” picture make a great poster? Not so much. 😉

  9. Dan Werner

    Such humorous posters would be very educational for the general populace and contain more truth than a YEC/OEC stack of books. And humor has a way of tearing away at people’s guard.

  10. Actually, the thing is, when I first saw this poster it reminded me of the caricatures of evolution, sort of a “goo to you” generalization. Plus, it reminded me of the old, “If people came from apes, why are there still apes?” idiocy. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if it were created by a critic of evolution as a way of making it look silly. So…I’m not sure that’s the best marketing.

    On the other hand, I once saw this on the back of a car and thought it would be quite a conversation starter.

  11. Good point, Steve. I guess the poster could be used to mock evolution! Then again, the caption makes all the difference. Can anyone suggest a great pro-evolution caption for this picture?

    Hey … I think I’ve found a new feature for this blog!

  12. Dan Werner

    Have a comment on the bumper sticker that says:
    “God knows this pic isn’t fake:
    goto CowsAndDolphinsAreCousins.com (E-C)”
    where the site would contain links to the technical aspects to this amazing truth as well as some reassuring theological links.

    Get enough of these out there and maybe… Or maybe Steve is right and it would be made a mockery of. If there’s one thing YEC has proven, people will often cling to a concept no matter what evidence comes out.

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