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Spine-Tingling Music

Some may have noticed that I haven’t blogged (or responded to others’ posts) for a few weeks now. Here’s the reason: Almost two weeks ago, my L5/S-1 disc ruptured, causing intense, debilitating pain and would likely, according to my neuro-surgeon, have eventually caused permanent paralysis (in either or both legs) if I didn’t undergo surgery immediately. I wasn’t one to argue. This past Tuesday, after about a week on painkillers, I underwent spinal surgery to remove the portion of my disc that had lodged itself against the sciatic nerve of my right leg. It suffices to say, I am in much less pain now and am now dealing with the incision pain and resting up in order to resume my language studies at some point down the road. Sadly, my surgery forced me to cancel buy tramadol online trip to Lansing, Michigan, to attend my 20-year high school reunion. It’s my hope that everyone else attending will have a grand time and not miss me one bit. 😉

On a high note, The 77’s latest CD, Holy Ghost Building, which I executive-produced, was just released yesterday! I shouldn’t have to tell anyone familiar with the legendary band to buy this album. If you’d like to listen to three tracks from the album before you commit to buying, visit the band’s MySpace page and enjoy the tasty guitar licks, gritty vocals, pounding bass and drums, and smooth BGVs.


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Wanted: Digital Artist with Evolutionary Creativity

I need to spruce up this blog. I’m a pretty austere kinda guy—if it weren’t for being married, I’d still have no pictures on the walls and enjoy eating on milk crates—but it’s time I added some sophistication to my blog title. Sadly, I lack completely any digital art skills, except for occasional Paintbrush doodles and taking the red-eye out of photos. Is there anyone out there who would like to create something snazzy for my blog? Pro bono, of course. (For anyone Latin-ally challenged, that means you don’t get a dime. Just an art credit. Consider it a love-gift to me or something.)

If you’re interested, I’d like the artwork to harmoniously combine the themes of theology and science. (That means no Darwin hanging on the cross, no gigantic black monoliths surrounded by monkeys, no half-buried Statue of Liberty, or anything like that.) I’d love to see what you come up with …


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