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How the Discovery of Saturn’s Eighth Ring Threatens the Science of Astronomy

As I was surfing the web during my lunch period, I came across several articles that detailed an amazing discovery. According to these articles, astronomers have discovered a previously undetected ring around Saturn, a find which, I believe, threatens the entire science of astronomy. Now, before I get into why I believe this to be so, please read these brief articles.

In the Telegraph article, Douglas Hamilton of the University of Maryland, College Park, believes that the discovery of Saturn’s heretofore undiscovered ring answers a mystery regarding one of Saturn’s moons, Iapetus:

The ring also may answer the riddle of another moon, Iapetus, which has a bright side and a very dark side. The ring circles in the same direction as Phoebe, while Iapetus, the other rings and most of Saturn’s other moons go the opposite way.

Scientists think material from the outer ring moves inward and slams into Iapetus. “Astronomers have long suspected that there is a connection between Saturn’s outer moon Phoebe and the dark material on Iapetus,” said Hamilton. “This new ring provides convincing evidence of that relationship.”

Professor Carl Murray, in the BBC article, agrees:

“We’ve got a ‘smoking gun’,” said Professor Carl Murray, a scientist working on the US-European Cassini probe, which is currently touring the Saturnian system. “We know now that this is where this coating at Iapetus [one of Saturn’s moons] comes from. Phoebe is the source. Something has hit Phoebe, produced lots of material that moves around the orbit of Phoebe and then gradually spirals in. We’ve solved several mysteries with this observation,” the UK researcher told BBC News.

Now, for my take on this discovery. The fact that scientists must now revise their theory regarding how many rings Saturn could actually have, what causes certain of Saturn’s moons’ features, in addition to the obvious need to rewrite “scientific” textbooks in order to accommodate the “new discovery,” proves that cosmic evolutionists’ current theories of planetary, satellite, and ring formation is ENTIRELY wrong and should be abandoned in favor of some other theory, preferably one in which an Intelligent Ringer is involved.


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