Help Me, Obi-Wan Kenobi! #3

The move from San Diego to Monterey is going as well as can be expected. (Thoughts of how to downsize my library to avoid excess weight charges during next year’s move to Tampa still preoccupy my mind.) God has blessed us with a new, 4-bedroom home (which means I get to have dedicated office space), but the current tenants have not yet moved out, and won’t do so until the first week of April. In the meantime, our family of 5 (plus a dog) are stuck in the local Navy Lodge, which doesn’t even compare with your typical hotel. The wireless Internet access is lousy (and you have to pay for it), the furniture is substandard, the “fully equipped” kitchenette isn’t, and the cable TV doesn’t even feature ABC programming! (I really wanted to see that deaf actress dance!) I just have to keep reminding myself that God’s blessed us with a home, which just happened to be the only one available prior to the start of my Persian Farsi classes in mid-April. But I digress … yet another call for help is the real reason for this particular post.

This evening, I installed AOL Desktop (version 10.0) because of functionality issues relating to AOL 9.1, SpyBot, and McAfee. In the process, AOL (which my wife enjoys using) imported all of my IE favorites into AOL. Not really wanting them there, I began to delete them from the AOL Favorites list. First category to go was “Bible Resources,” a fairly large list of favorites that I had compiled over a 3-year period since I purchased my laptop. Then the “Blogs” folder. Then, a pit began to form in my stomach as I wondered if I was also deleting the same links in my IE favorites folder. Sadly, a quick check of my IE browser revealed that Murphy’s Law went into full effect while I was deleting the favorites from AOL. Alas, now I must reconstitute my “Bible Resources” favorites, which is a near-impossibility. (BTW, System Restore doesn’t restore deleted files, and you can’t find them in your Recycle Bin.) Oh, well. Worse things have happened. At least now I can be more discerning in procuring new favorites.

Any great theological and/or scientific links out there that you find indispensable?


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  1. Hi Mike, Instead of using the browser favorites take a look at it is a web based scheme that makes your favorites completely portable. Instead of laborious folder creation you organize things by one or more tags — in my experience much more effective than trying to use folders. For an example you can look at

  2. Vance,

    Very cool! I start using tomorrow. 😉

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