On Being a Person of Faith and Science

The faculty of faith is not meant to kill the faculty of criticism and the instinct of curiosity, but rather to keep them keen and alive, and prevent them dying of despair. Faith is the mark of those who seek and keep on seeking, who ask and keep on asking, who knock and keep on knocking, until the door is opened. The passive, weak-kneed taking of everything on trust which is often presented as faith is a travesty of its truth. True faith is the most active, positive, and powerful of all virtues. It means that a man, having come into spiritual communion with that great personal Spirit Who lives and works behind the universe, can trust Him, and, trusting Him, can use all his powers of body, mind, and spirit to cooperate with Him in the great purpose of perfection; it means that the man of faith will be the man of science in its deepest, truest sense, and will never cease from asking questions, never cease from seeking for the reason that lies behind all mysteries.

— G. A. Studdert Kennedy (1883-1929)
The Hardest Part (London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1919), p. 83-84


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  1. Nice quote. Stole it. Linked to you.

  2. Hi there,
    my name is Chris Sanford, and I was just wondering what led you to believe the theory of evolution. Of course you will say science, but just for the sake of argument can you be a little more specific than that. Can you name one scientific phenomena that has been observed evolving? Let’s start with the term the “theory of evolution.” A scientific theory is In the sciences generally, a scientific theory (the same as an empirical theory) comprises a collection of concepts, including abstractions of observable phenomena expressed as quantifiable properties, together with rules (called scientific laws) that express relationships between observations of such concepts. A scientific theory is constructed to conform to available empirical data about such observations, and is put forth as a principle or body of principles for explaining a class of phenomena.4 Notice I emphasized observable phenomena, because for something to be a scientific theory there has to be observable proof that verifies the scientific theory itself. There has to be physical evidence of evolution occurring (remember from now on when I mention evolution I am talking about macro-evolution. The belief that our ancient ancestor was pond scum). So what am I saying, for something to be a scientific theory there has to be evidence that you can look at of the theory occurring. Here is where the first problem lies no one has ever witnessed the occurrence of evolution. NO ONE! Also there is no proof that verifies evolution ever occurred, so to say in its most basic form that evolution is a theory, according to the definition of a scientific theory is wrong. So evolution is not even a theory because there is no observable evidence that it ever occurred. Thank you so much.

  3. Chris,

    I welcome your questions and comments, but it appears that your real intent is to "hit and run," as your post has absolutely no bearing on this particular blog entry. Besides, I wonder how open you are to the evidence, as you seem to display a lack of knowledge of (1) the voluminous number of studies of evolution in action amongst rapid reproducing species (e.g., bacteria, viruses, etc.) and (2) the various lines of evidence, both paleontologic and genetic, that provide proof that evolution has occurred in the past. (Just because someone didn't see the murder doesn't justify saying that a murder didn't happen despite a knife in the victim's back or gunshot wounds to the back of the head.)

    You ask what led me to believe in the theory of evolution. I will refer you to the 12 steps of my journey, the links for which are available on this blog's right column.

    Again, I would greatly appreciate it if you would interact directly with my posts. Thanks in advance.

  4. Thanks for your kind words, Jeremy! Glad to see you evolving so nicely. 😉

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