Dr. John Walton & Genesis 1

Instead of summarizing Dr. John Walton’s treatment of Genesis 1, I figured I’d post Walton’s own hour-long online presentation. If no one has the patience to watch this outstanding flash presentation, let me know and I’ll sum up some of his best take-aways . . .


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  1. Mike – you wouldnt happen to have a written source for this or his writings would you? I have an e-friend who is an unreconstructed evolution denier and ID’er and we batter out the old arguments regularly.

    I have pointed out to him that his Biblical Literalism flies in the face of extremely strong scientific evidence and that other Christians have found ways to understand their Holy text in ways which reconcile it with our modern scientific understanding.

    I shall point him to your blog but wondered if you had an online reference for this Dr Walton also. If you do would there be any chance you could leave a comment on my blog with the reference – please?

    That’s quite some journey you have been on. Best wishes.

  2. Bunc,

    Dr. John H. Walton is an amazing scholar. Ironically, he is not an evolutionist. In fact, I believe that he has all the “dots” but he hasn’t connected all of them, so to speak. 😉

    Regardless, his writings are a must-read for anyone still reading Genesis in a strictly literal manner.

    He has two major works published, both of which I have links to in my recommended reading sidebars:

    (1) Genesis (NIV Application Commentary series)

    (2) Ancient Near Eastern Thought and the Old Testament: Introducing the Conceptual World of the Hebrew Bible

    I would challenge him to read the first book up through the chapters covering Genesis 1-12, and then read the second book if he wants more in-depth information on the ANE perspective.

    Dr. Walton does have an outstanding PowerPoint presentation online, which is what I’ve summarized here on my blog. That can be accessed here:


    I’ll be sure to swing by your own blog to ensure you get this info.

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