Help Me, Obi-Wan Kenobi!

What does Star Wars and my blog have in common? Not much, but being the Star Wars geek that I am, I’m sure something Star Wars will pop up every once in a while. Ironically, my ongoing love for science fiction never impacted my interest in the sciences directly. And that’s a shame. Since I began my journey from YEC to EC, however, my interest in the sciences has grown immensely! Still, there is only so much time in the day to read books. Hence, my call for help.

I’m looking to subscribe to a monthly science magazine that covers all of the major science categories. Any recommendations?


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  1. I like New Scientist a lot. I have RSS feeds with headlines from there, from the Science Blogs, Science News, Nature and several others in Google Reader. I’d subscribe to those first in electronic form, as a good way to test which you might eventually want to get a traditional mail subscription to.

  2. I’ve never read or subscribed to New Scientist, but it gets cited a lot in the blogosphere, and seems to have a good reputation with people who would know.

    Back in the day, I would have unhesitatingly recommended Scientific American, and I still think that’s a very good choice.

    You do get a lot of bang for your buck with Science or Nature, if you feel you can swim in those waters.

    But if I had extra money, I’d probably get Harper’s Weekly to add to The Atlantic, then go read Nature at the library after perusing the Science Times. 🙂

  3. Many thanks, James and Steve! I’ll take James’ advice and subscribe to some RSS feeds. Once comfortable with the depth and range of the articles, I’ll decide upon a hard-copy subscription.

    I noticed that neither of you recommended Discover magazine. Any particular reason why?

  4. No particular reason; I just don’t see it much, and I don’t see it cited very often.

    I wasn’t joking about the Science Times, BTW.

  5. James,

    I’m really enjoying the New Scientist RSS feed! I checked out the website to view the most recent issue and I was pleasantly surprised at how well-rounded the coverage is. And a $64/yr subscription doesn’t sound too bad.

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