From the Ministry of Science Propaganda

I don’t know who produced it and why, but I think this video has the potential of being “claimed” by numerous players in the origins debate. What do you think?



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  1. RBH

    Whoever did it put a lot of work into it. But I’ll be darned if I have even a guess as to who it might have been.

  2. Mike,

    I thought you might like that.

    That is the most appropriate, God-honoring use of rap music that I have ever seen in my life.


    Tim Martin

    P.S. Think about the symbolism of the machine. That is the centerpiece of the whole thing.

  3. Tom

    This is a crazy, fun piece. Thanks for turning me onto it.

  4. Pete

    So, just to bring this one back, has anyone yet claimed this video. I am interested in who created it.

  5. On Panda’s Thumb, someone mentioned that they believed to be responsible. It does appear to be in a very similar style to their other stuff, but this video seems much more elaborate for JibJab. I dunno.

  6. Pete,

    Panda’s Thumb extracted a confession from the video’s creator. Enjoy the sequel!

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