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Today, 28 May 2008, marks the 6-monthiversary of The Creation of an Evolutionist! It’s been an extreme pleasure blogging about my journey, and it’s been an even greater pleasure interacting with my readers! Despite my intense language study program, I have your pokes, prods, and good-natured ribbing to thank for keeping my chin up and my keyboard warm.

On 17 January 2008, I started using Google Analytics to track just about everything under the sun related to my blog. Here are some stats I found interesting:

# of visits: 3,480
# unique visitors: 1,601
# of page views: 6,812
# pages/visit: 1.96

I’ve had visitors from 48 countries. The Top 10 are:

United States
United Kingdom
New Zealand
South Africa

However, the Top 10 countries that surfed my blog the longest were:

Norway (average 30:13)
Guatemala (10:56)
Thailand (9:02)
Turkey (7:40)
Brazil (7:21)
Ireland (5:26)
Poland (5:00)
Australia (4:58)
United States (4:33)
Singapore (3:53)

62.7% of the visits to my blog came from referring blogs. I’d like to thank the Top 10:

Gordon J. Glover (Beyond the Firmament)
Stephen Matheson (Quintessence of Dust)
Steve Douglas (Undeception)
Timothy P. Martin and Dr. Jeff Vaughn (Beyond Creation Science)
James F. McGrath (Exploring Our Matrix)
Steve Martin (An Evangelical Dialogue on Evolution)
Jim Lippard (The Lippard Blog)
Mike Gene (Telic Thoughts)
Cliff Martin (OutsideTheBox)
John Farrell (Farrell Media)

The Top 10 keywords or phrases Googled to reach my blog were:

“thank god for evolution”
“creation of an evolutionist”
“john walton genesis”
“beyond creation science”
“le bon dieu est dans le detail”
“tim martin evolution”
“creation evolutionist”
“evolutionist beliefs”
“continuous creation”
“evolutionary creationism theistic evolution”

The Top 10 pages were:

Thanks again to all who have helped make this blog a success (in my eyes, at least). It may not get a bazillion hits a day like some blogs I frequent, but it will have been worth it if I helped just one person overcome their fear of evolution and find continued solace in their faith.

God bless.


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3 Responses to Blog Update

  1. RBH

    Congratulations on the milestone, Commander.

  2. Internal Evidence
    Many critics of the Word of God will no doubt come up with statements such as “the Bible is full of contradictions”, and “the Bible is so inconsistent”. Most of the time I would try to show them that this is simply not true, yet I have begun to take a different approach. A man last year said “The Bible is full of contradictions”, so I asked him give me one. His answer was well it isn’t full of contradictions yet there is a couple, again he could not give me one. Many have tried to discount the Bible, have tried to write it off as the product of man, many attacks have come against the Bible, yet what you do not hear is that not one and I shout not one has ever stood. The unbeliever rages against the Word of God because it speaks right against our lives!! They hate it because they know they will have to answer to the God of the Bible and for that they are enraged because they love their sin and the Bible says the wages of sin is death.
    What is so sad to me is that the very truth that they rage against is the same very truth that could set them free! They could be free from their sin, free from the wrath of God, free from eternal death, and yet they disobey God and choose death rather than life. So is the Bible full of contradictions, is the Bible worthy of our trust?? Let’s not look at many Scriptures to prove this point although we certainly could, lets look at just one. Job 26:10 says He has inscribed a circle on the face of the horizon. This word for circle is khug, in the Hebrew it literally means to draw a circle. So Job is saying that the earth is round, the horizon is circular. Now Job was written around 2000-1400 B.C. All of us are familiar with what happened in 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.
    Now the masses told Columbus do not sail because the earth was flat. I have hear unbelievers say that only a few people told Columbus not to sail. This is simply not true. The masses told him not to sail, in fact it was very hard for him to get funding because they thought the earth was flat. This is in 1492 A.D.!!! So how in the world would Job thousands of years earlier know the world was flat?? Job did not know the Holy Spirit who inspired the Word of God knew!! Hold on I have also heard unbelievers say oh there are old pagan myths that says the earth is round. While this is true have they really looked at what these pagan myths taught? Some taught that it was on the back of a turtle, another taught it was on the back of a god. Hardly scientific. Yet the Word of God says in Job 26:7 He hangs the earth on nothing!! How in the world did Job know?? Again he didn’t the Spirit of the Living God who created the world knew! Also we did not find this out really until we sent men to the moon.

    Full of contradictions? Untrustable when it comes to scientific material? The Word of God was getting it right all along when everyone and I mean everyone was getting it wrong. Oh the wisdom of God, how great and awesome is He! Who alone is the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe, which is filled with His glory. Oh to Him be all praise and glory now and throughout eternity. AMEN

  3. Chris,

    Firstly, I’d greatly appreciate it if you could interact genuinely with the material on my blog instead of cutting and pasting material from your own blog.

    Secondly, the fact that you can’t acknowledge a small, inconsequential error (e.g., Matthew 13:31-32) or contradiction (e.g., Mark 15:25 and John 19:14) in the Scriptures leads me to believe that you’re blinded by your own paradigm.

    Now the masses told Columbus do not sail because the earth was flat.

    Do you realize you’ve fallen for a falsehood? See this essay on the flat earth myth.

    I would highly recommend you read Denis O. Lamoureux’s Evolutionary Creation, specifically chapter 4. In fact, I’m willing to send a copy of that chapter to you on my dime. If that doesn’t convince you that your paradigm is thoroughly faulty, enjoy the bliss.

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