The Creation of an Evolutionist on Facebook

In an attempt to increase my readership, I’ve added my blog to my Facebook profile. However, in order to feed The Creation of an Evolutionist to Facebook, I need to have at least 15 “fans” (i.e., readers) add my blog to their list of favorite blogs. At the moment, I only have 6 “fans” on Facebook, so I need at least 9 more. If any of you regular readers have Facebook accounts, I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me out.


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  1. Hi! I wasn’t able to find the blog network on Facebook. Could there have been a typo or some other error?

    I look forward to joining!

  2. Hi, James!

    Apparently, it makes a difference whether you’re logged in or out of Facebook. Make sure you’re logged in and then click the link “added my blog”; it should take you right to its Facebook location. I tested it just now and it worked fine.

  3. Well, I’m a “fan” of yours. Where’s the love?

  4. RBH

    Aw, man, I’ve managed to avoid Facebook altogether and now you’re putting the pressure on. How am I going to face my students if I have a Facebook acount? 🙂

  5. James McGrath has one. He might be able to tell you what the students think. 😉

  6. RBH

    OK (mutter). I’m the 15th. You’re now eligible to feed your blog (whatever that means).

  7. I love you, Richard!!! =)

    To answer your query, my blog will now automatically feed my posts to Facebook, thus providing another method by which people can read it.

  8. Okay, Mike, I’ve joined your Facebook blog network as you requested. Now, would you please return the favor?


    By the way, I was the 20th person to join your network, which makes you eligible to be ranked as a “top blog.”

  9. Thanks, Fred! I’ve confirmed you and your blog. Looking forward to seeing what you have to say in the blogosphere … =)

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