Who Knew Darwin Could Be So Much Fun?

I just may have to drop some coin at Charlie’s Playhouse!

HT: Ed Babinski


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  1. I just may have to drop some coin at Charlie’s Playhouse!

    Yeah, buy one of those mats for my kids. 😉

  2. Anonymous

    Perfect Christmas gifts. My YEC neighbor will love one or two. We are close friends. Last year he sent me a replica of the Shroud of Turin. Thanks Mike!!

  3. Anonymous

    Darwin actually had a ‘fun’ side to him. He was fascinated with beetles long before his journeys that solidified his evolutionary theory. After releasing his great treatise, he dreaded the inevitable ensuing controversy.He lamented that if reincarnation existed, he would prefer returning as a dung beetle, whose work was at least as important as his and could be done in anonymity.Brian

  4. So Darwin’s fun side included a latent desire to process dung internally??

    I don’t think I want to know about his serious side.

  5. Anonymous

    Dung beetles are divided into rollers, tunnelers and dwellers. Rollers roll dung up and ‘roll’it to brooding chambers for food. Tunnelers simply bury rolled up dung which fertilizes and aereates the soil . Dwellers roll dung up and then bury themselves in it for shelter. Darwins ‘humor’simply lies in the fact that his existance is no more important than a dung beetle. plus the dung beetle works in private-not stirring up controversy. i thought it was clever of him. Oh well.Brian

  6. Brian,
    I loved your contribution! My intent was not to denigrate. Actually, I admire Darwin, and his self-effacing humility. One does wonder what he did when kicked back and just had fun. Or did he ever do that?

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