Why the Debate Over Creationism Matters

Undeception‘s Steve Douglas takes a profound look at why the debate over creationism and evolution matters to the Church:

1) A faith that demands the rejection of mainstream science in order to legitimize its teachings is automatically, unavoidably suspected to be out of touch and irrelevant.

2) Maintaining [special] creationism entails at least the implication of conspiracy and/or bad motives on the part of both unbelieving and believing scientists.

3) Crucial for a faithful, accurate interpretation of Scripture is learning to read [Scripture] as it was intended rather than holding it captive to one’s own presuppositions about it.

For his exposition of these points, head over to his blog for what’s already proven to be an interesting discussion …


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  1. 4) It ignores God’s own standard for Truth, the wise use of the testimony of multiple witnesses.

    JL Vaughn
    Coauthor Beyond Creation Science

  2. Hey, Jeff.

    I wondered if you’ve read these posts (1, 2) by Stephen Matheson, a biologist at Calvin College. I was just directed to them on my blog. They address some objections you have raised about non-ID evolution, namely the implications of non-coding DNA for the theory.


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