Muslim Scientists Prepare for Battle with Creationists

From the FOX News article:

The next major battle over evolutionary theory is likely to occur not in the United States but in the Islamic world or in countries with large Muslim populations because of rising levels of education and Internet access there, as well as the rising importance of biology, a scientist now says.

As with Christians and Jews, there is no consensus or “official” opinion on evolution among Muslims.

However, some of them say that the theory is a cultural threat that acts as a force in favor of atheism, says Hampshire College’s Salman Hameed in an essay in the Dec. 12 issue of the journal Science. This is the same beef that some Christians have with evolution.

A general respect for science in the Islamic world means scientists have an opportunity to counter anti-evolution efforts, such as the Atlas of Creation, a glossy 850-page color volume produced by Muslim creationist Adnan Oktar who goes by the name of Harun Yahya.

Numerous university scientists and members of the media received copies of this book as an unsolicited gift in 2007.


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9 Responses to Muslim Scientists Prepare for Battle with Creationists

  1. Interesting article. I hope they make more progress than we are doing.

  2. I visited the author’s website and downloaded the entire atlas for free! Beautiful book! From all appearances, it’s old-earth/progressive creation.

  3. Oh, and there are three volumes. Downloading the other two now, just for the great pictures!


  5. there is no evidence for theory of evolution….and the religion DARWINISM has collapsed

  6. Jamshed,

    I appreciate that you visited my blog, but your drive-by spamming isn't quite the dialogue I was looking for. What scientific evidence do you have that evolutionary theory has collapsed?

  7. Anonymous

    You'll get no dialogue with Jamshed Moidu AKA Jamshed Kunnoth. His entire existence is merely posting statements with zero evidence to back them up.
    His cult leader, Adnan Oktar, fantasises that he is some great scientist and messiah ( he is neither)that can simply state what reality is without having to bother with scientific procedure or even evidence.

    Seda Aral

  8. Seda,

    Many thanks for your counsel. I'll keep it in mind when I encounter again his arguments.

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