Loving Jesus and Accepting Evolution

For those who may have some heartache over the $55 price tag of Denis O. Lamoureux’s Evolutionary Creation, there is now a new alternative—I Love Jesus & I Accept Evolution—which is priced at $22 on Amazon.com. If the book happens to be out-of-stock at Amazon, you can also purchase it directly from the publisher, Wipf & Stock, for $17.60!

If you already possess a copy of Evolutionary Creation and hesitate to recommend it to family or friends because of its length and/or scholarly nature, this book may be what you’re looking for. In essence, it’s Evolutionary Creation-lite, a condensed version of Evolutionary Creation with additional material discussing the scientific evidence of an old earth and evolution, both human and non-human, that wasn’t published in its larger predecessor. In fact, this version of Lamoureux’s tome may prove to be a more useful tool for crafting your arguments in favor of “biblical adequacy” (2 Timothy 3:16-17) and cheap tramadol evolutionary creationist (or theistic evolutionary) paradigm. click here get busy ordering it!.


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