Pursuing the Mind of God

I believe that pure thinking will do more to educate a man than any other activity he can engage in. To afford sympathetic entertainment to abstract ideas, to let one idea beget another, and that another, till the mind teems with them; to compare one idea with others, to weigh, to consider, evaluate, approve, respect, correct, refine; to join thought with thought like an architect till a whole edifice has been created within the mind; to travel back in imagination to the beginning of the creation and then to leap swiftly forward to the end of time; to bound upward through illimitable space and downward into the nucleus of an atom; and all this without so much as moving from our chair or opening the eyes—this is to soar above all the lower creation and come near to the angels of God.

— A. W. Tozer (1897-1963), Man: The Dwelling Place of God [1966]


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  1. RBH

    Mike, I believe that "pure thinking" as Tozer describes it above is a recipe for self-delusion. Note carefully that there is no suggestion of contact with the outside world, no testing of ideas against external reality, but only the claustrophobic machinations of a single mind in isolation. That's a recipe for madness, not enlightenment.

  2. Richard,

    I don't know the context of the Tozer quote, but I don't think that Tozer was equating "pure thinking" with a hermetic lifestyle (even despite the "without so much as moving from our chair or opening the eyes" line). When I read this, I assumed (possibly incorrectly) that contact with the outside world was the basis which inspired a man's thinking.

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