The Return of the Evolutionist?

As you may have noticed, this blog has been relatively quiet lately, due in no small part to my Persian Farsi language studies. With every week of the year-long program (squeezed into 18 months due to last year’s ruptured disc), the demands of the program increased and the amount of time to put down on my thoughts on “paper” dwindled. The most I had time for was posting links to online news bites and articles on my Facebook account and occasionally interacting with those that stopped by to comment.
This Tuesday, however, I graduate from the Army’s Defense Language Institute with an AA in Persian Farsi, so I’m happy to announce the imminent “return of the evolutionist”! Now, don’t expect things to heat up too quickly, as I’m in the process of preparing for a move overseas to the lovely Kingdom of Bahrain for a year-long tour, and I fully intend to engage in quality “family time” during my 30-day leave period; but once I get to my new desert home and acclimate to the time change and work schedule, things should start getting busier around here.

The New Year is looking quite promising …


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  1. I want to say 'welcome back', yet it seems an odd phrase to use when you've announced your imminent departure. 🙂 Nevertheless, welcome back to the blogosphere, and I look forward to hearing about your cross-cultural experiences as well as things related to evolution and creation!

  2. RBH

    And congratulations on completing the language course. Those are tough rows to hoe.

  3. Already offered my congrats over on FB, but here they are again! Your cyber-friends are all proud of you! And I hope you do start posting again. I look for your posts here almost every day.

  4. @RBH:

    Those rows are even tougher to row at my age. When I first arrived at DLI, I was told to expect failure simply because of my age (40ish). After 19, the brain's ability to rewire itself for language diminishes with each year. Indeed, as I watched kids half my age pick up the language with extremely little study, I wondered if that prediction wouldn't come true. Of course, I'm driven to succeed, so I worked twice as hard to be just as good. And that takes a toll. 😉

  5. Well done learning Farsi. Hope you are blogging regularly again soon

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