Does Evolution Require Atheism?

Over at Parchment and Pen, Vance McAllister continues to wax eloquent regarding the all-too-common misconception that evolution requires atheism. Here are a few excerpts from the conversation:

. . . there is nothing atheistic about evolution or an old earth. That is the basic disconnect going on here. It is not some atheistic conspiracy, or some anti-religious agenda. It is just straightforward science that provides the best explanation from the data, and that is something that is put together by scientists of all theological positions, from Christians to Jews to Muslims to, yes, atheists.

Evolution is not something that atheists came up with to explain things without God, it is not the “atheistic alternative”, anymore than photosynthesis or gravity are some atheistic way of explaining those phenomenon without God. We, as Christians, have accepted the thousands upon thousands of scientific concepts and theories that make no mention of God, without a blink. Yet, these handful of concepts somehow become “atheistic,” even though they are presented by the same community of scientists we trust entirely regarding everything else.

All because these particular concepts happen to conflict with one particular interpretation of portions of Scripture. The Bible says that God created the rainbow and put it in the sky as a message to us. Is it thus an “atheistic” concept that these rainbows are created by light refraction? Is the message from God any less clear, is it any less of a miracle or less likely to be “of God” just because we now know exactly how God did it?

It is ultimately philosophical naturalism that is the true foe here, not evolution, since [evolution, whether macro- or micro-] is merely a scientific theory that says nothing at all about God . . . . It is that ATHEISTIC approach to origins that we should be engaged in combat with, and the Creationist[s’] battle with the mere mechanisms [of evolution] simply distracts from that primary battlefield and, ultimately, weakens the Christian position.

I couldn’t have said it any better! You go, Vance!



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  1. Vance is an old friend from a while back. He is always so articulate, while kind and not condescending to the other side. Great stuff!

    Many Christians conceptualize God as One Who creates a universe and then can’t seem to get anything done without breaking the rules He set up for it to be run by. I think the miraculous does not happen because He finds it easier or more expedient to do it that way. Rather, miracles happen for our sake: He suspends the rules of the universe when He wants humanity to observe His transcendence over the universe. He performs miracles as demonstrations of power that cause men to glorify Him. Why, then, would God decide to cover His tracks so thoroughly by making the universe appear to be created by naturalistic processes?

    In Lewis’s words, “God does not shake miracles into nature at random as if from a pepper-caster. They come on great occasions: they are found at the great ganglions of history — not of political or social history, but of that spiritual history which cannot be fully known by men. If your own life does not happen to be near one of those great ganglions, how should you expect to see one?”

    With that in mind, who was around to see Him create the universe? Besides Chuck Norris. 😀

  2. Does This Blog Require Updating?

  3. As Westley once said, “As … you … wish!”

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