Tag! You’re It!

I’ve been “tagged” by ElShaddai Edwards at He Is Sufficient.

  1. What translation of the Bible do you like best? New English Translation (NET)
  2. Old or New Testament? New Testament
  3. Favorite Book of the Bible? John
  4. Favorite Chapter? Genesis 1
  5. Favorite Verse? Revelation 21:5a
  6. Bible character you think you’re most like? David … a “man after God’s own heart” (1 Sam 13:14) but with enough character flaws to offset things a bit
  7. One thing from the Bible that confuses you? The timing and length of the Millennium
  8. Moses or Paul? Paul
  9. A teaching from the Bible that you struggle with or don’t get? The tension between man’s freedom and God’s sovereignty. Odd struggle for me, especially as a Calvinist.
  10. Coolest name in the Bible? There were only two named angels: Michael and Gabriel. Guess which one I think is coolest?

I will now tag: Virgil Vaduva (Planet Preterist), Gordon J. Glover (Beyond the Firmament), and Tim Martin (Beyond Creation Science).

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