God’s Continuous Creation

We cannot find in the Old Testament the fondly drawn distinction of our latter days between the natural and the supernatural, for the whole of the natural order is so directly linked with God that its conservation must be regarded as a kind of continuous creation, quite as dependent on God’s creative Word as when first the heavens and the earth were made.

—E. C. Rust, Nature and Man in Biblical Thought [1953]


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  1. Dan Werner

    On the basis of this clear teaching of the OT, I object to nearly all sciences as demonic. It is clearly God who miraculously intervenes to create the weather, knit the body in the womb and allow this computer to work. To see them the result of natural processes is deistic and dangerous. 😉

  2. For all my pronouncements that God was hands-off in the working of the universe, I hope no one thinks that the theistic evolution POV excludes God; rather, God is seen as responsible for every natural phenomena in a consistent manner. In this regard every facet of “the natural order” has God behind it in the same way that creationists (what other term can I use?) usually concede that He is behind most natural phenomena subsequent to the time of creation. The TE view posits a much more uniform modus operandi for God running His creation.

    Is God still “creating”? Well, He designed the software to run from start to finish, so I should say He’s definitely behind the whole shebang!

  3. dan werner

    Well said Steve. Perhaps at the most infintessimal level that science can never detect is where God mostly works. Reminds me of John 3:8 where you hear the wind but don’t know where it came from. By faith we see God working.

  4. Great call, Dan! John 3:8 is a great reference in this regard.

  5. Steve,

    You wrote, “Is God still creating”? I would say, without hestitation, YES, if one believes that evolution (both cosmic and biological) was God’s primary method of creation.

    He is also creating, to this very day, new people in Christ. “Behold, I make all things new!”

  6. No argument from me, my friend! (it was a rhetorical question 😉 )

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