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Loving Jesus and Accepting Evolution

For those who may have some heartache over the $55 price tag of Denis O. Lamoureux’s Evolutionary Creation, there is now a new alternative—I Love Jesus & I Accept Evolution—which is priced at $22 on If the book happens to be out-of-stock at Amazon, you can also purchase it directly from the publisher, Wipf & Stock, for $17.60!

If you already possess a copy of Evolutionary Creation and hesitate to recommend it to family or friends because of its length and/or scholarly nature, this book may be what you’re looking for. In essence, it’s Evolutionary Creation-lite, a condensed version of Evolutionary Creation with additional material discussing the scientific evidence of an old earth and evolution, both human and non-human, that wasn’t published in its larger predecessor. In fact, this version of Lamoureux’s tome may prove to be a more useful tool for crafting your arguments in favor of “biblical adequacy” (2 Timothy 3:16-17) and cheap tramadol evolutionary creationist (or theistic evolutionary) paradigm. click here get busy ordering it!.

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Where I’ve Been … Where I’m Going

Many apologies to all that follow my blog on a regular basis. I’ve meant to post something along these lines for some time now, but the aforementioned time seems to slip from my grasp on a continual basis as the intensity of my language training increases. I have approximately 16 weeks remaining in this 47-week course and there is still much to do to prepare for the Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT).

I know I owe a review/interaction with chapter 4 of Denis Lamoureux’s book Evolutionary Creation, but it’s such a darn good chapter, I really want to devote some quality time to the write-up. That may have to wait several more weeks, at which time I get a nice, long 4-day weekend.

In the meantime, I’ll be posting some short blurbs on recent publications and website launches that are of interest to those who follow this blog.

By the way, the picture above is the Lord’s Prayer in Farsi. Enjoy the read.


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