Charlie’s Playhouse (Revisited)

This February 12th, scientists around the world are celebrating the occasion of Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday. Thus, February is a great time to celebrate with some evolution-themed games and toys from Charlie’s Playhouse!

Charlie’s Playhouse is a brand-new company specializing in the creation of toys and games for children about evolution. The company’s signature product is the Giant Timeline, a huge play mat that illustrates 600 million years of evolution with 67 real-life ancient creatures, 6 mass extinctions, commentary from “Charlie” Darwin, and much more! It also includes an Activity Guide for children ages 4-10.

When (not if!) you buy from Charlie’s Playhouse during the month of February, please mention that you heard about them through me. Charlie’s Playhouse just might reward me with a Giant Timeline of my own. 😉

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  1. And a great mat it is, too! My six-year-old daughter loves ours.

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